Cloud Contact Centres

Customer expectations have changed, we all demand an instant response and will make use of all available multimedia channels. Companies are embracing ever evolving digital communications channels, such as SMS, Instant Messages, Video and Email. We all expect an instant response, regardless of the time of day or night.

OPS Cloud Contact Centre solutions afford the agility, scalability and integrated technology, only a fully hosted and managed Cloud Contact Centre offers. Ease of deployment, fixed monthly costs and feature rich integration to other applications, are all key drivers behind Contact Centre design. OPS Cloud Contact Centre solutions, allows our customers to focus on customer service and adapt rapidly as their market changes.

Contact Centre solutions have undergone profound changes in recent times. As your customers turn to self-service portals and internet based account management tools, Contact Centre agents now handle the more complex queries. Customer knowledge has increased, driven by rapid acceleration of social media application uptake and the proliferation of online information.

The ‘Contact Centre’ has therefore evolved, into a multimedia hub of Calls, Web Chat, Emails and now face to face video conversations. Delivering a capable and multimedia ready, Contact Centre is a core focus of all customer service focused organisations.

Customers are empowered by access to online reviews, forums and feedback via a multitude of social media applications. A negative review can go viral online – making customer experience crucial to an organisations bottom line. Customers demand the ability to choose between multiple access options, via SMS, Web Chat, Email and Video.

The new age of Contact Centre – Customer Experience Solutions, is a balancing act between, reducing costs and increasing productivity and empowering your staff. Contact Centre agents need the ability to not only manage a myriad of incoming requests, but also have instant access to the global workforce for support.

OPS have partnered with global Contact Centre vendors such as Mitel, Avaya and Microsoft to deliver cutting edge solutions. OPS deliver a full multimedia empowered contact center, with full integration into the remaining workforce in an on premise, public or private cloud solution.