Business Transformation Consulting

Business Transformation Consulting from OPS, focuses on using proven industry experience and internationally recognised methodologies, to truly understand areas of business improvement and areas for transformation.

With the rapid uptake of digital communications and a vast array of online and social media applications, modern organisations face a minefield of decisions. The adoption of ever-changing communications tools such as Web Chat, Audio and Web Conferencing, IM and Mobile integration applications, has forced companies to make all tools available to staff, simply to remain competitive. If your customer can’t contact you, they will move on!

OPS Consulting works within your organisation, considering all process and procedures and how you manage your communications. The result of this is a strategic review of improvements that can be made, via the adoption of a mix of basic call programming changes and if required, adoption of new applications such as Collaboration, Contact Centre and Video.

Empowering your staff to embrace remote working, mobile applications, presence and video applications, will often rapidly increase productivity by removing boundaries. How these applications are adopted and to what key transformation outcome they are linked, is the key to delivering change.

OPS provide tailored, specific and innovative advice on all areas of enterprise communications technology and applications.

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