Strategy Development

  • Does your organisation have a Communication Technology Strategy? Is this strategy linked to real-time business analytics and are you meeting your communication KPI’s?

Developing a communication strategy requires full consideration of internal and external communication practices, full and detailed understanding of your audience and a clear process to evaluate success.

  • How many calls do you lose or miss a month?
  • When is your busiest period and are you making best use of the personnel you have?
  • Is your staff attrition rate high? Provision of working tools such as IM, Presence, Video and ability to work from home or mobile, is key to the attraction of Gen Y talent.
  • Does your communication objectives meet your corporate objectives? If they don’t, your communication technology strategy needs to be amended to meet corporate goals.

An OPS Communication Technology Strategy will consider tools and activities that are most appropriate to delivering on the company objectives. We will stress test your communication processes and complete an audit of internal and external communication response times and effectiveness.

We will consider process improvements to reduce ‘time to resolve’ within your organisation and from a customer’s perspective. We will subtly immerse ourselves into your organisation and use the existing communication hurdles and roadblocks as areas of immediate improvement, all the while considering how your communication technology strategy matches your corporate goals.

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