We’ve discussed the basics of Cyber Security and also how to avoid being scammed by email hackers. Both of these articles highlighted the need for your passwords to be strong. But what we haven’t explained is how you’re supposed to keep track of these passwords. Let us introduce you to the concept of a password manager.

In our current cyber environment, hacking and cyber-attacks are taking place much more often than many business owners realise. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) found that business scams were up more than 30 percent in 2016. According to Kaspersky Lab Security Bulletin 2016, a company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds. These statistics can seem frightening, but the best first-level defence against hacking is a strong password.

It is no longer good enough to use your birthday, a name, etc. If your passwords aren’t strong enough, hackers and the software they use will be able to “guess” them. You need to have a strong, unique password for each of your online accounts. (For tips on creating a strong password, check back to our post on email scams).

Password managers are not just a way to store your passwords in a secure place, they can also generate these unique and complex passwords for you. You do, however, have to create and remember one master password, which will be the key to all of your password manager created passwords.

How does it work?

Your typical password manager will install a browser plug-in which will handle your password capture and replay. This way, each time you log in to a secure site, it will ask you if you want to save your password.

Using your super-strong master password, you gain access to the browser password manager, and then every time you log in to a new site, the password manager will help you create, save and store your passwords.

The best password managers will save your account details when you create the account and will also recognize when you change your password and offer to update the stored information.

What password managers to use

There are so many options when it comes to password managers, and depending on the level of security you think you require, you can get one for free or for a small fee.

A couple of free password managers:

Last Pass https://www.lastpass.com/

Free to use, with features such as two-factor authentication and free syncing, with a premium plan you can upgrade to for a small cost.

LogMeOnce www.logmeonce.com

Log me once is also free, and claims that by using their Single Sign-On system, you increase your security by 300%. Log me once also uses a passwordless system, with four authentication options to choose from.

For more options, PC Mag has created an in-depth list of the best Password Managers of 2017, including both a Paid and Free list.

Here is a list of the best Password Managers 2017

Have more questions about Password Managers or Cyber Security? Give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable Technical Engineers on (08) 9228 4118, or send us an email at info@scopelogic.com.au.


managed service

In the past, businesses approached IT management with a break-fix mentality- don’t think about it until it breaks, and then call someone in to fix it.

Today, technology is at the centre of almost every single business activity, application, and process. Now, if something in your system breaks, it could mean a breakdown of the entire structure and process of your business. And while you’re waiting for an outside technician to come in, learn your system, and attempt to fix it, can your business really afford to stop? What is the cost of this downtime to your bottom line?

Managed Service Providers offer a proactive approach to managing your business’ technology infrastructure. Instead of waiting for your technology to break, or for your system to be hacked, or for a backup to fail, your Managed Service Provider will identify any issues before they happen- and have a pro-active plan in place to ensure your systems continue to run smoothly in the background. This means you and your employees can focus on the company’s business, instead of handling IT problems.

Companies with an IT team already in place also find MSPs beneficial. They can work with and complement the IT team, taking away the management of day-to-day IT operations. A business invests in an IT Manager for their knowledge of the business and ability to develop strategic internal projects that will drive growth. The addition of an MSP will allow your IT manager to continue to drive that progress, while the MSP manages the system maintenance.

While cost is a concern for some, Managed Services will actually cost your business less than the old break-fix contracts- especially when you consider the cost of downtime. Budgeting for your IT will be easy and transparent. Managed Service agreements are based on a monthly fee that covers everything from remote monitoring and maintenance to prevention of major issues. This limits the opportunity for unforeseen emergency IT breakdowns and expenses.

There are a number of benefits to engaging a Managed Service Provider, including:

  • Increased security
  • Minimized downtime
  • Increased overall operational efficiency
  • Cost-effective access to enterprise-level support
  • Proactive approach to IT solutions
  • Peace of mind

At Scope Logic Group, we are proud of the wide range of skills our Technical Engineers can offer to our clients. The scope of our team’s knowledge means that we can efficiently service, maintain and manage all aspects of a business’ IT- from unified communication and collaboration solutions, to network security and cloud solutions. Whether you’re looking for support for your current IT team or to outsource all your IT problems to us, we are up for the challenge.

A Managed Service Provider is going to provide your business with preventative maintenance. No more waiting for your systems to fail before calling someone in. With the right Managed Service Provider, you’ll never have to think about your IT again. Which means you can focus on what matters to you- running a successful business.

Contact us on 08 9228 4118 or to speak with one of our Technical Engineers about how we can help you.

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With a whole new influx of cyber-attacks making headlines and causing a lot of concern in the IT world, some businesses and individuals might be asking themselves, what are cyber-attacks, why do I need to know and how will these type of cyber security issues affect my business?

What is a Cyber-attack?

A cyber-attack is simply when hackers attempt to damage or destroy a computer network or system.

At its worst, cyber-attacks can be created by a team of hackers who work together to create programs to take advantage of unknown flaws in software and networks in order to access confidential data or damage key infrastructure.

There are a few different kinds of cyber-attacks:

Targeted attack: Attacks that are targeted at specific organizations or individuals in order to access information and intellectual assets for vandalism or monetary gain.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT): A targeted attack which is carried out continuously and persistently using a variety of means to access the targeted information or organization. These are divided into: (1) attacks through public servers and websites and (2) attacks which make users send malicious programs (targeted email attack).

Denial of Service attack: An attack used to disrupt services.

Distributed Denial of Service attack: An attack carried out from a distributed environment.

Here’s an overview of the method typically used in cyber-attacks:


Image from http://www.nec.com/en/global/solutions/safety/info_management/cyberattack.html

How to protect your business from cyber-attacks:

  1. Stay informed– read the news and follow trusted IT service providers on platforms such a LinkedIn and Twitter for current and reliable updates on any security threats and cyber-attacks. You can follow Scope Logic on LinkedIn and Twitter by clicking on the links and following our pages.
  2. Back up your data– Make sure that all your files are backed up to a separate system so that if you are targeted by an attack, you won’t lose your information to the hackers.
  3. Be aware of what links you are opening– hackers often send an email that seems to come from a trusted source asking them to open a link which then actually links them to a malicious website that can download a virus onto their computer. It is usually best to type out a web address yourself instead of clicking a link if you think it seems suspicious.
  4. Contact your trusted ICT company– there multiple ways for hackers to attempt to access your data- while it may seem overwhelming to try to stay on top of everything, you can rest easy knowing that’s our job! We will quickly and efficiently deploy the latest virus and security updates to ensure that your network is protected and secure.

For any other questions relating to cyber-attacks and network security, get in touch with us at Scope Logic and our knowledgeable technicians will be able to develop the best security solution for your business.

Call (08) 9228 4118 or email us at .

Or read more about our networking solutions.

Network discovery- cyber threat assessment program

  • Have you ever had your network breached, or do you know what to do in the case that your network is compromised?
  • Do you know which applications are being used within your network?
  • Have you ever wondered just how effective your current firewall threat protection is?

Your business network is a complex system, made up of interactions between each of your applications, users and content. Today, a traditional network firewall is no longer enough to ensure that your system can block threats- you need stronger performance combined with better visibility of what exact threats your system is facing- such as APTs, botnets and advanced malware.

That’s where Scope Logic’s Cyber Risk Threat Assessment Program comes in. We can provide your business with a FortiGate network security platform, deployed as an internal segmentation firewall (ISFW) or next generation firewall (NGFW).

Scope Logic is able to help you determine what types of network security threats your network is facing every day. Once armed with this knowledge, Scope Logic will then be able to translate this information into recommendations on how to increase your network security platforms and decrease security threat concerns. They will be able to show you how you can run your business more efficiently and securely, using granular control over your applications, users and content.

Included as part of our CTAP is our Network Penetration Testing, this is designed to determine your exposure to a targeted attack, we do this by putting your network security systems through their paces, our Senior Security Engineers will use every tool and technique available to them to gain access to your systems and provide a detailed report on where risks are and what can be done to reduce them.

Our Network Penetration Testings starts at a point of zero knowledge about your network, our Security Engineers are given the domain name of your organisation only, from here they interrogate the publicly visible aspects of your technology and identify vulnerabilities.

The goals of our Network Penetration Testing are:

  1. Identify if a remote attacker can gain access to your systems
  2. Determine the impact of a network security breach on your company’s confidential information and the integrity of your Information and Communication Systems

Our detailed Network Penetration Testing Report will identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to remove these vulnerabilities from your network.

Have you read all this and you still think your network security is strong enough? Here’s what Fortinet says businesses can find after running Scope Logic’s CTAP:

network security assessment discover

Scope Logic Group is working closely with our clients to help them assess the security of their networks and recommend next steps to improve their security, increase productivity, and optimize network utilization.

For any questions around Scope Logic’s CTAP, or to get a member of our team in to run the Cyber Risk Threat Assessment Program on your business’ networks, give us a call on 08 9228 4118 or send us an email at .

Click here for more information on our network solutions.

Cisco Spark Board team collaboration device

In Cisco’s response to the need for digitisation of the workplace and increased collaboration regardless of time or location, the Cisco Spark Board is revolutionising the concept of the office meeting.

Cisco Spark is a cloud-based solution which allows teams to collaborate no matter where they are- inside or outside the office. It allows teams to work together virtually from any device.

Cisco Spark has three core capabilities in their collaboration suite: Meetings, Messaging and Calling.

Arguably the most exciting aspect of Cisco Spark, and their point of difference from other collaboration platforms, is the Cisco Spark Board.

With the Cisco Spark Board, you can turn any of your conference rooms into a video-enabled meeting room, which will extend your physical meeting digitally, allowing team members and participants to join in the meeting virtually from anywhere in the world.

The Cisco Spark Board is the ideal product for cloud-based sharing. The Spark Board has an 86 degree 4K camera at 60 FPS, a 12-microphone array, beam shaping for audio clarity, and good speakers. The only physical connection required is power if Wi-Fi is used. Users connect to the board on their device through the Spark cloud. Using revolutionary new ultrasonic wireless pairing technology, users’ devices are automatically recognised and connected to the board as soon as they walk into the room.

The Cisco Spark Board is a touch-based, all-in-one collaboration device that combines a wireless presentation, digital white boarding, and video conferencing. Participants can connect physically or virtually, and in encourages a continuous workflow- from pre-meeting notes and discussion, right through to post-meeting follow up, even when everyone has left the physical room.

Imagine the possibilities in being able to meet with colleagues and clients around the country- or even around the globe- without experiencing the usual created by physical constraints.

The Cisco Spark Board enables your business to:

  • Increase productivity, with real-time meetings and interactions allowing you to make better decisions, faster.
  • Enhance engagements: With the video conferencing and white-boarding capabilities, it will feel as though you’re meeting in person, helping you build relationships and collaborate nationally and globally like never before.
  • Improve effectiveness: Your meetings will be more effective than ever, with the capability to add agendas, edit and adjust projects in real-time, and action items during the meeting to improve team accountability.

The Cisco Spark Board will change the way you do business. Meetings will no longer require everyone to be in the same room, wasting time on travelling to and from a physical office. Now your team members can join and participate in meetings from the conference room, their desk, their home, a branch office, or even on the road.

Don’t just take it from us- experience it for yourself. Contact us by calling 08 9228 4118 or emailing  for more information.

As we move towards a more tech-centric future, the physical office that we all know is becoming less and less relevant as a necessity for conducting business. While this can seem scary or maybe far-fetched, consider that an increasing number of job applicants expect the flexibility to be able to work from anywhere. In our globalised economy, more and more businesses want to have the capability to widen their potential talent pool outside the physical confines of a local area.

Yet businesses and departments still need to be able to communicate, meet and collaborate. But when you have less people working in a physical office environment, how are you able to continue this type of teamwork and sharing of ideas?

Enter Skype for Business. We all knew Skype as a fun way to video call with friends and family. But Microsoft have now developed Skype for Business, and it is quickly becoming an integral part of your everyday business requirements.

There are many reasons why Skype for Business is the right choice for your organisation:

Increased Productivity

No more company time being wasted while everyone travels to the office to attend a meeting. Skype for business allows you to communicate and meet with team members and clients around the world, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. Up to 250 people can join a meeting using smartphones, tablets, PCs or phones. Communicate using audio, video and instant messaging. Meetings can even be recorded so that they can be viewed later if some people can’t attend in real-time- a great benefit for global organizations working in different time zones.

Skype Meeting Broadcast extends this reach even further, allowing meetings of up to 10,000 attendees for webinars, all-hands meetings or presentations.

Increased Collaboration

Teams can work together on documents and projects even when they aren’t in the same room. Skype for business includes integrated real-time co-authoring, desktop sharing, application sharing, and PowerPoint presentations. This saves time and effort that would have been wasted sending documents or presentations back and forth for editing and additions.

Using Skype for Business means your team members can receive calls no matter where they are, making your meetings and interactions mobile, convenient and efficient.

Lower Costs

Skype for Business allows your business to unify your voice communications, streamline your infrastructure and save money. With Skype for Business (with PSTN Conferencing) you can eliminate 3rd party conferencing and cost per minute charges all while receiving an unlimited audio-video cloud solution. Moving away from your traditional PBX phone system will mean that you can reduce your overall costs- no more paying for hardware, installation, electricity, maintenance and management. You’ll have a simplified voice system with integrated communication platforms and enhanced flexibility across the organization.

Highly Secure

Skype for Business Online has built in security, including an Intelligent Instant Message Filter which helps protect both your network and the Microsoft managed network.

Greater Flexibility

Moving to Skype for Business and a cloud-based communications solution doesn’t happen overnight. But with a hybrid deployment of Skype for Business and a cloud-based phone solution, you can easily transition away from your business’ reliance on outdated tools and expensive on premise solutions.

Skype for Business with PSTN calling will allow a smooth transition, allowing you to slowly integrate the latest technology into your business. This simplified voice system management will simplify daily operations, reduce costs and complexity, integrate your communication platforms and enhance flexibility across your organisation.

Integration & Transition Strategies

Ensuring your business gains the most value from Skype for Business is critical to the success of any implementation. We at Scope Logic Group are experts in developing Integration and Transition Strategies that engage your teams and get your solutions up and running in the shortest possible time.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to take the next step in increasing collaboration, productivity and communication in your business, or just have questions, one of our experienced Technical Solution Consultants is ready to help you.

Give us a call on 08 9228 4118 or email and one of our experienced security engineers will be able to come up with a solution for your business.

With End of Financial Year fast approaching, business owners are likely to see an increase in the number of scam emails being sent to them, claiming to be from the Australian government or other agencies and promising to make life easier for them at tax time.

ASIC End of Financial Year email scam exampleASIC Email Scam

One example to be on the lookout for is an email claiming to be from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

However, clicking on the “Renewal letter” link brings you to a website where a file containing malware will be downloaded onto your computer. This is likely to be a virus, ransomware, or a keylogger used to steal your login information.

This is just one example of an email scam that is currently circulating in Australia. As tax time approaches it’s likely that business owners will receive more of these emails.

However, you can protect yourself from these types of scams:

  1. Use caution when downloading files. In the email above, the link brings you to a website which asks you to download a .zip file. Proceed with caution any time you are asked to download a .zip file. Make sure it comes from a trusted source and if it doesn’t, delete it right away. Unopened .zip files are harmless, it’s downloading the file that give the virus access to your files.
  2. Use complex passwords. Some hackers use brute force attacks in order to obtain a business’ information such as a user password. This is a trial-and-error method using automated software to generate a number of consecutive guesses of your passwords hoping to eventually guess correctly. The more complex your password, the less chance that the software will be able to guess it. Make sure your password contains a combination of capital letters, numbers and symbols throughout. A good rule to follow is to select 3 separate words, for example, bowl, grape, tree and combine these with the “complexity rule” to give you b@wlgraPetr33. This will make it nearly impossible for the software to be able to guess. You’ll be surprised how quickly you start to remember this, but if you do decide to write it down, make sure to keep it somewhere safe.
  1. Stay up to date on current email scams. On the Scope Logic Twitter page, we will be keeping an update of current issues including outages and scams. Follow us @ScopeLogic to make sure you always keep on top of everything tech and ICT. You can also follow @scamwatch_gov, which is an Australian government scam watch.
  2. Secure your office. Is your business doing everything possible to ensure that files and information are secure and protected? Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, however with a proper security setup in your business, including a backup system to protect files, a secure email gateway, advanced threat protection and a firewall, you can make sure your data is secure.

Need someone to do a health check on your company’s systems? Just want to hand over the problem to someone you know can help?

Visit our website at www.scopelogic.com.au, give us a call on 08 9228 4118 or email and one of our experienced security engineers will be able to come up with a solution for your business.

Divorcing your ICT Provider – ‘Sorry, but I have met someone else’

October 10, 2016

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With the level of reliance and integration we have with our ICT, moving away from your ICT provider is no easy task. We have often invested considerable time and money in integration and relationships. The risks involved in moving services to a new provider is real and should be considered, but the impact of not moving services should also be considered. If you believe your ICT provider is not delivering cutting edge technology, advice and solutions, then you are slipping further and further behind your competition. Divorce is never easy, but consider the alternatives.

Managing this process is key to a successful shift in provider and continual uptime of your business. When considering a new partner, consider a new provider with a clear, comprehensive project plan to migrate existing services and implementation of new services. Consider a provider that has the tools to complete a full asset analysis, so you are fully aware of all hardware and software, licence types, versions and details of all assets. Starting with an ICT audit and a clear migration path is a pivotal step, as well as managing the difficult ‘break up’ phone call. We offer a proven, reliable and fully managed migration path, with detailed project management and we even manage the, ‘Sorry, but I have met someone else….’.

Contact our team at OPS to discuss your ICT strategy.


Congratulations to the Winners of the OPS and Scope Logic ‘Perfect Pitch’ and ‘Best of Breed’ Competitions

October 5, 2016

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‘Perfect Pitch’ Competition

There is nothing like a little healthy competition to get the nerves racing and bring a team together, not to mention have a few laughs in the process. We believe all of our staff should have the ability to articulate the core values of the company and our unique ability to offer an end-to-end fully converged Voice, Data and ICT Cloud solution. Presenting is never easy and for some it was a real challenge. Every member of staff took this challenge head on and simply excelled. Winner of the Q1 2016 ‘Perfect Pitch’ was Sergei Gerasimov, Solutions Architect. Sergei was simply outstanding, offering both exceptional technical understanding and a jovial approach. We are very proud of the performances of the entire team and look forward to next quarter’s presentations.

‘Best of Breed’ Competition

Our ‘Best of Breed’ competition is voted by our peers, and although it’s next to impossible to single out one person in a winning team, this award recognises staff who have delivered above and beyond expectations. Q1 2016 was awarded to Emma Montgomery, Senior Business Coordinator, for her continual willingness to always do what ever is required to get the job done. We are all exceptionally proud to be part of the rapid growth and continual expansion of the company and the enthusiasm in the office is infectious.

If you are looking for a fresh and exciting opportunity with a great company contact .


OPS See Rapid Growth in Move from ISDN to SIP Services

September 21, 2016

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OPS invested in the expansion of our Data Centre Solutions, to further drive our Business Grade Data Solution offerings. In recent months OPS have seen a continual growth in the uptake of SIP services. Paul Glass, General Manager, mentions “In recent cases we’ve saved customers up to 50% off their monthly line rental costs”. In our network reviews we conduct for our customers, we are constantly seeing that they’ve being paying for expensive ISDN and numerous unused PSTN services. With the continual decrease in the cost of quality data and increase in available bandwidth, moving to SIP not only provides a converged voice and data network but dramatically reduces voice call costs. Call quality on SIP, when delivered on a fit for purpose business-grade network, is no longer a concern.

We have partnered with leading National Telco’s to provide customers access to a comprehensive suite of Voice and Data solutions, through our Interconnect and wholesale agreements. OPS are proud to offer SIP, Ethernet, Fibre, IPvPN and NBN to available areas. Turn to OPS for a fully managed Cloud Voice, Data and Cloud Computing Solution using Global leading Vendors such as Mitel, Avaya, Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, VMware and Huawei. Contact OPS today for a review of your existing network spend and strategy.


Is your data network capable? Is it REALLY capable?

August 18, 2016

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When did you last get an expert to run diagnostic tests on your data connections, or network as a whole? With the rapid adoption of cloud technology and the shift to online services, our internet or MPLS network is carrying a heavy load. It’s the backbone to our entire business and feeds directly into the productivity of every member of staff. Without an expert independent Data Network Audit, your organisation has no reliable confirmation of quality and ability to adopt new technology. Data costs are on a downward trend, network coverage is improving and edge devices are more reliable. Consider this example of installing a 1.0 litre engine into a truck. The truck is capable of carrying a large load, but the core power to deliver the load is simply inadequate. There is no point in having a work force capable of carrying a heavy load, when they are waiting for screen refresh and frozen webpages. Contact OPS Network Solutions for a Data Network Audit and empower your organisation.


Is Virtual Team Working Worth Consideration?

August 15, 2016

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We communicate everyday with internal and external teams via a multitude of methods, primarily email and phone. Business communication trends are rapidly evolving as more and more information is shared and decisions required in an instance. There is no denying the fact that having a full team in a room working on a project is the best path forward, but think about how often we work as a team outside of the boardroom.

Virtual Team working is not a new technology, it’s just the adoption has been slow. Bring email, collaboration, documents, voice notes, conversations, files and action items all into one application and screen. As a team member amends a file and adds a voice note, the rest of the global team have access to that information, instantly. No missed email, or files being sent back and forth. Remote teams have access to the virtual team room, via mobile devices and full integration into the SIP Mobile application on their device. Will we still be emailing internally in five years? Probably not! Contact OPS for a demo on leading Unified Communications application MiTeam from Mitel. For Mitel customers, this is an add-on solution.


OPS See Rapid Growth in Business Grade Data Solution Offerings

August 12, 2016

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OPS invested in the expansion of our Data Centre Solutions, to further drive our Business Grade Data Solution offerings. We partnered with leading National Telco’s to provide customers access to a comprehensive suite of Voice and Data solutions, through our Interconnect and wholesale agreements. OPS are proud to offer SIP, Ethernet, Fibre, IPvPN and NBN to available areas. Turn to OPS for a fully managed Cloud Voice, Data and Cloud Computing Solution using Global leading Vendors such as Mitel, Avaya, Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, VMware and Huawei. Contact OPS today for a review of your existing network spend and strategy.


Contact Centre Agents Now Require a Whole New Set of Skills

August 3, 2016

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We have seen a constant change in Contact Centre solutions over the past 12 months and a rapid adoption of multimedia channels by the public. Due to this adoption, the traditional ‘voice’ Contact Centre is diminishing. The demand for Email, SMS, webchat and an infinite number of social media channels is exploding. Multimedia/multi-channel Contact Centre is now standard (or should be) in all new Contact Centre deployments. Therefore, making sure your agents are skilled in these new channels is critical.

Handling a voice call compared to an email, webchat or SMS is vastly different. Customers are quite happy to drop off a SMS/webchat chat if they are not getting the service or information they need, there is no human connection with a piece of software. Keeping the customer engaged during the ‘chat’ is key. This requires training, consideration of staff skills and most importantly constant evaluation of new social media applications. OPS Networks don’t just deploy a Contact Centre, we become your trusted Contact Centre partner and advisor. Give us a call to review your Contact Centre Strategy.


Have you ever invested in a cutting edge technology solution, only for there to be a large gap between what was ‘sold’ and what was actually delivered? Is this an error in the technology or the completeness of the project roll out and documentation? In today’s modern world, vendors can’t afford to develop a substandard product because someone else will simply fill the gap. There is still and always will (for now at least) be a human intervention in the deployment of that new UC, Contact Centre or Cloud Solution.

Look at your partners previous project roll out documentation, call references, push them on examples of when the project did not go to plan and how they fixed it, and most importantly ask for an example of post installation documentation. Make this part of the selection process and key to that final decision. OPS Networks are Unified Communications Specialists and pride ourselves on delivery, design and deployment. After all, it’s the deployment your customers remember not the PowerPoint presentation.


Who is setting the agenda for the adoption of technology?

July 8, 2016

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With the constant desire to have the latest gadgets, new applications and faster devices, we as the broader public have taken control of the adoption of technology in the workforce. Businesses have always considered new ways to improve productivity and streamline business process. It was the corporation that was the main driver of ICT improvements.

Businesses now find themselves having to consider technology in their staff retention policy as staff embrace BYOD, remote working, collaboration and demand better applications and innovation. No longer can technology and ICT decisions be made by one IT department, it’s a HR, Marketing, Finance and whole of executive team decision. OPS Consulting work with your organisation to consider all these departmental requirements, and create a communications strategy understanding whole of business requirements. Contact our team to see how we can help your business.


Are you settling for a basic installation of your phone system?

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Have you ever invested in a cutting edge technology solution, only to settle with an installation that does not tap into the full solution capability? Technology changes are rapid and evolving, requiring constant attention to new features and functionality.

Often an installation of a Unified Communications solution delivers limited advanced features simply due to the completeness of the installation and project management. Technology vendors such as Mitel and Avaya focus heavily on R&D and the evolution of applications to drive collaboration. Selecting the right managed services partner is important, as it’s through this partnership that you leverage the true power of collaboration.

If you are settling for a basic installation, and want more from your system, give OPS a call for an audit of your current deployment.


What is the true cost of bad technology decisions?

June 24, 2016

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Let’s be honest, in this day and age there is not much we can’t do with technology. Globally, we are in a technology innovation overdrive and the creation rate of new applications is furious. This means businesses are always looking for ways to improve their technology and vendors are happy to layer add-on services. The issues come with making technology decisions that don’t fall into an agreed ICT Strategy, are made to fill gaps and do not meet underlying business goals. The result is multiple technology solutions all working on individual problems with a siloed approach.

What is the true cost? Not only is it in this layered approach to continual technology spend, but it’s the daily impact on your staff and operations. If you don’t consider change management and how the technology impacts your principal asset, your people, the true cost of these decisions can be immense. The truth is, if you are expecting your business to make the right decisions in the evolving and complex world of technology, you are possibly setting yourself up to fail. Select an ICT Technology partner, such as OPS and sister company Scope Logic, to manage this for you end-to-end. Let a partner consultant that is an expert in technology change management establish your true business deliverables, engage your workforce and manage your ICT services. Think of it as an insurance policy. What is the true cost of not keeping up with your competitors? Establish the requirements for change, define the strategy and let OPS and Scope Logic manage the day-to-day running of your ICT.

Contact our team at OPS to discuss your ICT strategy.


Mobility and Networks Converge into One

June 17, 2016

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The world of Mobile Devices and Networking has truly merged. A mobile device does not need to be external to your managed network, security policies or free of any control. Neither should your Wireless Solutions be unmanaged and with little or no visibility of performance metrics. Delivery of rich media, instant communications and powerful on demand cloud applications should be a single approach. OPS are proud to deliver an end-to-end solution which combines LAN, WAN, Wireless, and Mobile Device Management under a single application. This allows us to design and manage the solution as just that, one single solution.

Ignite the powers of Collaboration, Unified Communications and Video throughout your environment with OPS Cloud Unified Communications on Mobile Devices. Remove boundaries and empower your workforce to embrace instant communications, through an OPS combined Wireless and Unified Communication Solution. By bringing in an OPS Mobile Device Management application, you gain full control of your Mobiles, PC’s and Mac’s. Managed through a single 100% Cloud-based platform. Information is power, embrace converged mobile solutions.

Contact OPS today to discuss your Mobility and Network requirements.


OPS to Offer Fully Managed Business Grade Data Solutions Across Australia

May 30, 2016

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OPS have invested in the expansion of our Data Centre Solutions, to now include Business Grade Data Networks across Australia. We have partnered with leading National Telco’s to provide customers access to a comprehensive suite of Voice and Data solutions, through our Interconnect and wholesale agreements. OPS are proud to offer SIP, Ethernet, Fibre, IPvPN and now NBN to available areas. Turn to OPS for a fully managed Cloud Voice, Data and Cloud Computing Solution using Global leading Vendors such as Mitel, Avaya, Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, VMware and Fujitsu. Contact OPS today for a review of your existing network spend and strategy.


OPS Launch Mobile Device Management Solution

May 27, 2016

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Have you ever considered what would happen to your critical company information, if a staff’s mobile was lost or stolen? Do you have any control over the applications or settings of the company mobiles?  If the company provides the mobile, the company has a responsibility for its content and usage. Mobile Device Management used to be an expensive option, now the monthly cost per device is less than a Big Mac meal.

Companies globally have accepted the need for security, control and management of company laptops, but the security risks associated with mobile devices have largely been ignored. It is estimated that by 2020, the amount of mobile workers will account for over 74% of our workforce. This highlights the need for companies to urgently adopt a Mobile Device Management strategy. OPS consider Mobile Device Management as simply another Cloud Solution, at a price per mobile per month.

Scalable endpoint configuration, robust security & policy administration, device and content management are now available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC’s through one Single Management Portal. Manage individual application access, down to the location of the device. This allows corporate policy to be enforced within company walls, but freedom for the user – even on a BYOD device. Contact OPS today for a MDM demonstration.


OPS Implement Unified Communications Solution for BGC Australia

May 25, 2016

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OPS, leading Communications and Collaboration company headquartered in Perth, has successfully rolled out a full Unified Communications Solution for BGC Australia. BGC, one of Australia’s largest privately owned Residential and Commercial Building Companies, selected OPS in 2015, to deploy a multi-site, UC solution across a number of BGC sites and within a number of BGC subsidiaries. Using Mitel, as a Private Cloud Solution, OPS deliver Voice, Instant Messaging, Presence and Collaboration to over 1,000 users in WA.

A BGC Spokesperson, mentions why OPS were selected, “OPS provided a full turnkey solution, backed up by professional project scope and detailed delivery”.  

OPS are proud to be a partner of BGC and have further cemented our capability in large scale Enterprise Unified Communications deployments, across multiple sites, with complex project requirements. Contact us for further details.


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Teamwork across multiple locations and multiple time zones – Possible or not?

May 16, 2016

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Teamwork is best served one-on-one, in an environment conducive to immediate sharing of ideas and tasks. Is this possible across multiple locations and multiple time zones? Do your staff spend more time in the air, than they do with their family? This is a key challenge for Australian national organisations.

OPS use global leading Unified Communications Company Mitel, to deliver collaboration software to make teamwork a reality. Mitel MiTeam Collaboration Software, is a single application that allows teams to do everything in a single platform. Enable Messaging, Voice, Video, Collaboration, Show & Share, Voice Tagging and many more tools in Mitel MiTeam. Integrate with 3rd party business applications, such as Salesforce and Zendesk out of the box. Contact OPS for a Demonstration of Mitel MiTeam, or click here, to watch the video.


If you take Collaboration out of your organisation, how long will it survive?

May 13, 2016

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We spend hours each day collaborating with our colleagues, family, and friends and now with millions of people around the world via the web. We are all collaborating and working together on a daily basis to realise shared goals, we just don’t realise we are doing it. That goal may be as simple as the coffee you order or as complex as an international trade agreement.

Collaboration is multiple people working together to achieve a shared goal or outcome. If you said to your workforce this week, STOP collaborating, that would impact the ability of your business to survive. Collaboration should be natural and real. The trick comes in not changing how we as humans collaborate and share ideas, BUT to provide the right tools to allow staff to collaborate without borders, time zones and in the easiest possible manner.

I’m sure we would all agree that collaboration is key to our survival as a human race, we are social beings after all, so why don’t we invest in this one concept as the core to our business survival? OPS have set up a dedicated showcase page, to showcase Collaboration software, as we believe Collaboration is principle to success. Contact us now for a Collaboration Discussion, specific to your business.


Managing Enterprise Communications

May 2, 2016

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Are you an Australian enterprise with multiple locations, multiple business units and a continually evolving workforce? Most organisations often don’t realise the high costs associated with managing their communications. The cost of simple adds, moves and changes often go ‘unallocated’ internally. Selecting a highly skilled Managed Service Partner, to manage your Voice, Video and Data environment often pays for itself in a very short period of time.

The adoption of Cloud Unified Communications, Advanced Mobility and Business Analytics allows large organisations to leverage not only the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud, but to move to a fully outsourced management model. This rapidly frees up internal IT resources to focus on roadmap and strategy delivery.  Contact national leading Unified Communications Provider OPS for a Communications Cost Analysis.


Evolution of the Contact Centre – why don’t you have one?

April 29, 2016

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Why don’t you have a contact centre? Are you thinking your business is too small? Do you see a Contact Centre as a room of agents on the phone? The ‘Contact Centre’ has rapidly evolved, into a multimedia hub of Calls, Web Chat, Emails and now face-to-face Video conversations. Delivering a capable and multimedia ready Contact Centre, should be a core focus of all customer service focused organisations, regardless of size or industry. Business analytics, reporting around calls, web chat, email and even video empowers your company to embrace the new ‘Digital’ ready client.

The new age of Contact Centre – Customer Experience Solutions, is a balancing act between reducing costs and increasing productivity and empowering your staff. Contact Centre agents need the ability to not only manage a myriad of incoming requests, but also have instant access to the global workforce for support. OPS have partnered with global Contact Centre vendors such as Mitel, Avaya and Microsoft to deliver cutting edge solutions. OPS deliver a full Multimedia empowered Contact Centre, with full integration into the remaining workforce in an On-Premise, Public or Private Cloud solution. Contact us now for a ‘Do we need a Contact Centre’ review.


OPS to Lead a New Charge into the Mobile Enterprise

April 7, 2016

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OPS, leading Communications and Collaboration company, headquartered in Perth, looks to the evolving mobile enterprise to enable local Perth companies to remain competitive in today’s post mining market.

“Perth-based enterprise organisations are looking for any opportunity to reduce costs and improve productivity. OPS has heavily invested in our technical skills and vendor partnerships, to make certain we are in a position to deliver tailored business improvements, through converged mobile unified communications applications. It’s not a matter of one solution fits all, it’s a consultative approach to establish areas of improvement. Then the focus is about the delivery,” said Paul Glass, General Manager, OPS.

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OPS Launch New Enterprise Website & Capability Content

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OPS, leading Communications and Collaboration company, has made public their intention to further cement their position in the Enterprise Communications space in Perth and across Australia.

OPS today launched their new Enterprise website www.opsaustralia.com.au showcasing their proven capability in delivering advanced Unified Communications, Contact Centre, Business Transformation Consultancy and Collaboration solutions in a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud deployment model. OPS pride themselves on delivering a tailored customer centric solution.

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OPS Cements Itself in the Enterprise Communications Space with Appointment of Paul Glass as General Manager

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OPS, leading Communications and Collaboration company, has made a concerted move to cement itself further into the Enterprise Communications space in Perth and across Australia. Over recent years OPS has successfully migrated a host of Enterprise Customers to UCC and are now investing heavily in this market segment.  OPS has appointed previous Mitel Regional Manager, Paul Glass, as General Manager.

“Paul has numerous years of international and local telecommunications experience. Having experienced success in the enterprise space, while rapidly growing Mitel in WA and SA, he comes with strong Australian market and product knowledge. Paul is well positioned to make OPS the leader in Enterprise Communication and Collaboration across Australia,” said Oscar Wetherell, Director, OPS (Founder of OPS and Scope Logic).

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