Customer Centric Solutions

Consider the impact of having business transformation consultants, consult with you, on your business process. We don’t simply provide UC, Converged Networks and Cloud Solutions, we create customer centric solutions mapped to your individual business.

OPS design and deliver advanced communication solutions, tailored to each customer through our Customer Centric consultancy program.

Our Customer Centric consultancy program, is not only a set of internal guidelines, processes and delivery methods, it’s a 5 stage promise to you. OPS is staffed by highly skilled and experienced communication experts, with numerous years’ enterprise solution design and delivery experience. Each solution is tailored to you as the customer, taking your unique business processes and existing hurdles into consideration. Mapping these discussions from design phase to delivery phase, allows OPS to provide a full and complete project.

Our consultants will follow a full customer Investigation stage, considering current business processes. This will allow us to acknowledge and define any business problem that requires action. How do you communicate with your customer, and your customer with you?

Through the Mapping stage, we will define any highlighted business transformations, process changes and customer experience improvements needed and map these to advanced unified communications applications, such as Mobility, Video, Presence, Instant Messaging, Social Media and Business Analytics. What would your customers say about your level of customer service?

In the Consideration phase, we work within your business to consider the impact, the proposed improvements in your communications applications, will make to the business. We provide a full and detailed proposal, matching applications to discussed business transformation criteria.

In the Decision phase, we work to confirm the required business outcomes, defined timelines and support we need from you. This allows us to present a full and detailed proposal for the project and get your approval for the project to start.

The last phase, Deployment stage, is by far the most important and the phase that will set us apart from our competitors for years to come. We will introduce the full Project Management team, OPS delivery stakeholders and introduce a mutually agreed timeline and project management plan.

Our customer centric consultancy program is our internal promise to our pears, to always deliver innovative, customer focused solutions, delivered with integrity and passion. Its the process behind our company values:

  • Service with Integrity
  • Passionate Support
  • Customer Centric Solutions