Voice Solutions

OPS Networks, offer Business Grade SIP and ISDN services across Australia. Why use different vendors for legacy Voice (ISDN) and Data, when you can turn to OPS for a single monthly bill? A converged Voice and Data solution offers reduced network complexity, reduced call and line rental costs and improved network performance.

OPS offer SIP trunking solutions to customers via OPS Ethernet Services nationwide. SIP Voice Services are a cost savings alternative to ISDN and allow rapid provisioning and Scale Up and Down offers. SIP allows a customer to combine Voice and Data, into a single managed Ethernet Solution, providing economy of scale as well as reduced call costs.

OPS use our extensive Ethernet Access Network as the underlying delivery mechanism for SIP Enable Channels. By turning to OPS Networks for a Business Grade Data Solution, you gain access to the considerable savings of a centralized or site based SIP service.

OPS deliver SIP Enabled Unified Communications directly from our OPS Cloud to your sites, allowing ease of growth and reduction in multi site ISDN and PSTN costs. This not only offers increased functionality and integration, but delivers scalable, cost effective voice solutions across one or many links.

Capacity and Growth – from 5 channels to thousands, burst to accommodate unexpected demand. Quick to deploy as extra lines are needed.
Local Number Portability
• Full Call Cost Reporting included
• Central Enterprise Numbers Hosting – Route all your calls – across multiple locations- through one central site.
Compatible with OPS Cloud Voice, OPS On premise Voice or 3rd Party Voice Solutions
OPS Managed Services, one bill, one partner and one integrated solution
• Access to OPS Cloud ITaaS Solutions



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