Collaboration software drives a team ready, dynamic and responsive workforce. It empowers staff to respond to internal and external tasks with multiple forms of collaboration applications. OPS have partnered with global leading collaboration vendors, such as Mitel, to deliver Voice, Video, Instant Messaging, Presence and Audio and Web Video Conferencing to businesses of all sizes.

Collaboration allows staff to be connected, wherever they may be, with powerful applications at their fingertips. Create a dynamic and empowered work force with Collaboration Software.

Mitel’s MiCollab software supports all forms of Collaboration, including Voice, Point to Point/Point to Multi Point Video Calling and Instant Messaging, as well as Web Presentation and Collaboration with Audio, Web and Video Conferencing.

With a single unified solution, and with access to your Mitel MiCollab software on a Desk, Web and Mobile application, you are always connected. The ability to instantly connect and collaborate with your pears, allows faster response times, reduce costs and expenses, improved productivity and a competitive advantage.Solve problems with instant decision making with Instant Messaging, Show and Share Desktop through Audio and Web Collaboration and embrace the mobile enterprise with Mitel MiCollab Mobile applications.

Mitel MiTeam is a new collaboration tool from Mitel. The application allows around the clock communication, with just an email address. The application takes content sharing and collaboration tools to a new virtual room environment. Integrated third party applications like Dropbox allow sharing of files, and seamless real-time comments and annotations. Use Video tagging to record comments as well as approve and sign documents.

Reduce emails and break down location boundaries with Mitel MiTeam.