Enterprise Mobility

The shift in working locations and habits, from traditional desk bound to ‘Always On’, has led to a global mobile workforce. Communications solutions, must enable the mobile workforce, not restrict users to a device or location. OPS are leaders in Enterprise Mobile solutions and business consultancy services, providing advice and guidance, on how to embrace the new Enterprise Mobile World.

Mobility encompasses the need to seamlessly use your laptop collaboration client at any location, any network, as well as on all of your mobile devices. OPS provide cutting edge mobility applications with leading global vendor Mitel. Through Mitel Collaboration Software MiCollab, your mobile becomes a full featured Mitel SIP based end point. MiCollab Mobile allows users to run a mobile application as a replicated, fully synced copy of their desktop collaboration software on any device, any network, any location . This gives you access to reduced costs, and full collaboration capabilities on your mobile. Take your Direct Line, Instant Messaging, Presence, Video, Audio and Web Conferencing with you on the go. Use MiCollab Mobile application to reduce mobile costs, by making and receiving calls over your mobiles Wifi or 3G data connection.

The world of Mobile Devices and Networking has truly merged. A mobile device does not need to be external to your network, security policies and roaming our wonderful shores free of any control. Nor should your Wireless Solution be unmanaged and with little or no visibility of performance. Delivery of rich media, instant communications and powerful on demand cloud applications should be a single approach. OPS are proud to deliver an end-to-end solution which combines LAN, WAN, Wireless, and Mobile Device Management under a single application. This allows us to design and manage the solution as just that, a single solution.

Ignite the powers of Collaboration, Unified Communications and Video throughout your environment with OPS Cloud Unified Communications on Mobile Devices. Remove boundaries and empower your workforce to embrace instant communications, through an OPS combined Wireless and Unified Communication Solution. By bringing in OPS Mobile Device Management Solution, you gain full control of your Mobiles, PC’s and Mac’s. Managed through a single 100% Cloud Management Solution. Information is power, embrace converged mobile solutions.

OPS Unified Communications + OPS Wireless + OPS MDM = Powerful, seamless , managed , intuitive, secure, reliable, optimized and cutting edge Converged Communications.

Contact us for a full consultation on how to mobilise your workforce. Mitel offer a full suite of solutions to deliver collaboration to your mobile workforce.

Mitel Mobile Convergence

Mitel Mobile Convergence delivers the features and functionality of your fixed network directly to your smartphone. Stay connected wherever you are – without compromising privacy, cost, or access to important PBX features.

Mitel Solutions for Mobile Workers

The same Mitel communications and collaboration capabilities available in the office can be at your fingertips anytime, anywhere with our solutions for mobile workers.

Mitel Solutions for Remote Workers

Want to get the most out of your remote workers? Give them all the same communications and collaboration tools that in-office workers have so they can be just as productive.

Mobile Extension

Mobile Extension integrates mobile phones into the PBX, providing all services needed to allow your employees to become truly mobile professionals.

Mitel Mobile Client

Mitel Mobile Client allows mobile users to use short-number and extension dialing in combination with Mitel Mobile Extension, for accessing traditional communications system services as if they were using their standard features from their desk phones.