6 Billion hours of video is watched every month, on YouTube alone! If we needed to learn a new task or teach a new skills, we used books, then webpages, now we use videos. Each business faces the challenges of embracing Video as a communication tool, for internal and external use, as the generational change in communication habits has led to a new demand. We simply need to adopt Video, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

OPS have joined forces with Mitel and Vidyo, to provide a full Cloud-Ready, Subscription Video Solution, that is easy to embrace and fully embedded into your MiCollab software from Mitel. Video needs to be easy to use, scalable and immersive, to reach the desktop of every user. Integrate Multi-Party HD Video into your  desktop, with Vidyo now embedded into Mitel MiCollab.

The Mitel Audio, Web and Video Conferencing application is embedded into your MiCollab desktop application. Allowing a simple one button click to start a video conference. This rich collaboration allows Desktop Sharing, Multi-Point and Web Based Collaboration viewing.

Increase internal relationships, by connecting people quickly and simple, across multiple locations. Improve business process and reduce email content, with Screen Sharing and Recorded Video playback, with Mitel AWC.

OPS are proud to offer the new fully embedded business Video Conferencing solution from Mitel and Vidyo. Integrated into Mitel MiCollab, Vidyo provides fully immersive HD Video and telepresence solutions, as a room based or cloud based solution.

Vidyo is the technology leader in affordable software-based video conferencing solutions for the cloud.

Vidyo’s immersive HD video and telepresence solutions and Mitel’s cloud-based UCC portfolio, is now available in one comprehensive offering. The solution is offered as an integrated UCC end-to-end video conference solution, via the public, private and hybrid cloud.

With a focus on ease-of-use and investment protection, the joint one-stop solution tightly integrates video as an integral part of Mitel’s voice and collaboration platform and can interoperate with legacy video equipment.