Mobile Device Management

OPS Mobile Device Management Solution, allows the Unified Cloud Management of company Mobiles, iPads, Android, Apple iOS, PC’s and MACS through a single OPS solution. Companies often don’t realise the importance of securely managing portable devices until it’s too late. Imagine the impact of a company mobile falling into the wrong hands. Can you “remote wipe” your company mobiles when you have a security breach? If a staff member leaves, what company information do they leave with?

OPS have built our MDM solution on global leading vendor Cisco Meraki, offering powerful device management coupled with 100% Cloud Managed Networking and Security. Manage content on portable devices, locking down user applications and monitoring all assets, allows corporate IT Policies to be adhered to, even on an iPhone in a staff member’s pocket.

OPS will track all your devices on your network; as all devices are automatically classified and tagged, allowing you to see device details such as MAC address, Network Access, Connection, Location, Operating System and even battery life.


• 100% Cloud-Managed Integrated Device Management Solution
• No on-premises hardware
• No Virtual Machines
• No on-site infrastructure
• All new applications deployed to all devices from the cloud
• Centralised management and App deployment
• Enterprise Security and Asset management
• Document sharing
• Rapid provisioning tools
• Remote live tools
• Network integration
• Usage restrictions
• On-Device Content Management
• Secure support for BYOD
• Automatic Device Location and Classification
• Automatically apply network polices – without taking the device out the box